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The arts in 2013, Part 2: July through December

ArtsWatch looks back on some of the highlights and significant moments of the year

Here at ArtsWatch we’ve been casting our thoughts back to days of yore. Of, like, January 1, 2013, to June 30, 2013. We looked back on that six-month stretch yesterday to remind you (and ourselves) of some of the bigger and more intriguing Oregon arts stories that zipped past our startled noses.

Victor Mack, Jason Rouse in Portland Playhouse's "Detroit." Photo: Brud Giles

Victor Mack, Jason Rouse in Portland Playhouse’s “Detroit.” Photo: Brud Giles

So today, natch – as Old Grandfather 2013 shuffles off into the sunset of rocking-chair recollection – we continue our review, this time covering July 1 to December 31. What can we say about a six-month stretch that began with a radio station and an opera company shacking up together, and ended with a Portland museum showing off the most expensive artwork ever sold at auction – and to an anonymous bidder, at that? As it turns out, we said quite a bit. Below we’ve provided links to stories on some of the top moments in Oregon’s recent cultural history. Give ’em a click and relive those glory days. Seems just like yestermonth, doesn’t it?


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