Bad is good: The cat’s meow

Oregon Children's Theatre's "Bad Kitty" claws its way to the top of the heap at the Winnie. Purr.

In the beginning there was Kitty. There wasn’t a big bang in the dark of the universe that spun millions of planets and stars into a fury. There wasn’t a long white-bearded man high in the sky who set out to work and made a masterpiece to call his own. There wasn’t a troupe of hungry, jealous, funny, but all-powerful spirits that accidentally made the planet and named it a playground for their confusion. In the beginning there was Kitty. How is that a fact? Would you disagree with a cat? In the beginning there was Kitty.

Bay Area Children’s Theatre has paired up with Oregon Children’s Theatre to present all the reasons we love cats and Bad Kitty: On Stage.

When it comes to bad kitties, this one takes the cake. Photo: Owen Carey

When it comes to bad kitties, this one takes the cake. Photo: Owen Carey

In this world premiere (adapted by Min Kahng from Nick Bruel’s popular kids’ book series), Bad Kitty is a sleek tuxedo cat with a high Maine Coon tail who lives in a comfortable home that Charles Schulz or Jim Davis might have designed. As with all cats, since we haven’t bothered to learn meow or maybe we aren’t species enough, she gets her point across with some clawing, purring, demanding and vocalise.

Because we’ve all had those terrible, horrible, no good, very bad days, it goes without saying that Bad Kitty isn’t really bad. How many of us have run and hid in the bedroom closet, so we don’t have to take a bath? Did you ever wish for the most amazing spectacular toy that your best friend has, only to get an ugly orange and green wool argyle sweater set for your birthday, instead? Do you remember the first day of school, when you were nervous about all the kids in class and if they’d like you and did you wonder if your teacher might be a witch who incants her spells by making you practice math? Just like you and me, Bad Kitty’s life is full of change and growing up. Also like ours, Bad Kitty’s adventures are frustrating, scary, but also full of laughs, love and a few good pets along the way.


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