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The Faux Museum, truly

In Portland's Old Town, a "museum" just for fun

The Faux Museum/Photo by Patrick Collier

The Faux Museum/Photo by Patrick Collier

I always cry at the end of the movie, “Revenge of the Nerds.” Tears flow every time, without fail. Maybe it’s the reminder that most of us have a geeky side that fails to partially or completely resonate with more dominant aspects of our society. Or, it could be that I continue to be penitent for those times I have been the coward who sought refuge in the oppressive power of a malignant crowd.

I’m certainly not proud of the latter, although I am glad my maturity has gone beyond that of a fourteen year old’s and alleviated most of that tendency. Yet, I am somewhat uncomfortable with the first interpretation of my emotional reaction as well, for I am not sure such self-identification can come in a pure form. To know or say I am a geek places me outside of myself and gives some credit to the status quo, as it were, therefore compromising the authenticity of what it is to be one with my geekiness.

Likewise, the local counter-culture’s motto of choice, “Keep Portland Weird.” Is it a dictum rather than a choice, and if so, does it replace obliviousness to what others think with a fabricated spectacle? The phrase ends up smelling a little too self-conscious for my taste. Besides, as my wife is quick to point out after I shared these thoughts with her, “The second ‘Revenge of the Nerds’ flick really sucked.”


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