the black lizard

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Ever since I saw that Imago’s Jerry Mouawad was going to take on Yukio Mishima’s The Black Lizard, I’ve been curious. Mouawad has spent the past few years exploring wordless but theatrical movement, and he’s breaking his silence for Mishima’s detective play, itself an adaptation of an earlier novel. Mishima being Mishima, The Black Lizard takes dark twists and turns, often erotically and violently, but it also is rambunctiously theatrical and campy. Some of Japan’s most famous drag artists have played the master criminal and femme fatale, the Black Lizard.

Anyway, ArtsWatch talked to Mr. Mouawad, and he agreed to donate a couple of tickets to opening night on Friday (May 11) to our cause, which in this case is a drawing for all of our Facebook members! All you have to do is go to our Facebook page and like us, and you’ll be entered. Already on board? You’re automatically entered.

We’ll pick a winner Thursday night. The play opens Friday, but if you can’t make it, I bet you can trade your pair for another night. There is nudity involved in the production, so take that into account. If you win and want to take a pass, that’s fine. Just let us know, and we’ll pick another lucky winner!

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