stephanie simek

Do you hear what I read?: The sounds of writing

Stephanie Simek and Lisa Radon investigate the sound-art-language loop

By Graham W. Bell

Writing as action. Writing as conduit. Writing as circuit. Writing as art.

The literary and visual arts do not seemingly experience as much crossover as the performing and visual, for the most part. Why not? When is a sentence really an artwork, the paragraph a performance? Conceptual artists pioneered using words as evidence of ideas being formed/formulated, although they were more interested, perhaps, in the intangible, unreadable thought than the squiggles that form perceptual language. One writes about art and one reads about art. But how does one write as (visual) art?

Two recent performances at The White Box as part of Show and Tell approach the idea and action of writing as an art form inextricably linked to the literary, but feverishly straining to make the jump to performance and visual time-based art. Furthermore, as an added bonus, both also ask how writing is a vehicle for sound. More on that in a moment.


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