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Spot On at TBA: Unmeasured response

Keith Hennessy and the End Times

Keith Hennessy/Circo Zero/Photo by G.K Wilson

By Patrick Collier

The end is nigh!

Lingering, nay, persistent pangs of millennialism. Or, my nihilism. And by “my” I mean “our.”

I have a bag of protein bars and a couple nutrition drinks but no coffee in this hotel room. I make an accounting of this because the night I write this I have witnessed what may be as close to the End Times as we’re going to get, which, at least in art historical terms, is the attempt to not repeat ourselves into mundanity.

There seems to be a consensus: There is nothing left to say except that there is nothing left to say. Oh! rail as we might, we might well rail. And then recoil back to lingering hope and the history lesson we choose to ignore: although it has endured, art has yet to prevail.


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