same difference

QDoc offers true tales of tragedy & triumph

In its 10th year, the Portland Queer Documentary Film Festival scours the globe in search of diverse stories from the LGBTQ community.

In “Far From The Tree,” his nonfiction book about how families deal with intergenerational differences, the writer Andrew Solomon puts forth his theory of where we get our identities.

It goes like this: we are all made up of both vertical identities (the ethnic and national identities passed to us by our parents, like having dark skin, speaking French or being from Vermont) and horizontal identities (the identities that are unique to us and that we’ll never share with our parents, like a deaf person being born in a hearing family). Being a sexual or gender minority is a sterling example of a horizontal identity; queer people are born into every country, culture, religion and race on earth. Once they figure out who they might be, they must devise ways to find others like them and create a shared culture.


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