rose byrne

Film Review: “The Meddler” is middling

Susan Sarandon and Rose Byrne star in a mother-daughter dramedy, with J.K. Simmons along as the grizzled, sensitive love interest.

It’s a common and well-justified refrain: there aren’t any good roles for women over 40 in Hollywood. Very few actresses are able to maintain consistent careers, no matter how much popularity or talent they’ve demonstrated in the past. One who has kept busy is the great Susan Sarandon, but her most notable roles of the last few years have been as the mother of Dakota Fanning (in “The Last Days of Robin Hood”) and the grandmother of Melissa McCarthy (in “Tammy”).

So the prospect of Sarandon tackling a lead role, as she does in “The Meddler,” is cause for optimism. It’s the first time she’s played a title character in a big-screen release since she was one of “The Banger Sisters” in 2002.


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