The Rijks Stuff: Henk Pander in Amsterdam

The Portland artist and Dutch native helps reopen a great museum with a 'Top 100' showing

When the Rijksmuseum reopened its doors in April to one of Europe’s greatest collections of art, Portland painter Henk Pander was on the scene. In itself, that’s not terribly remarkable. The Rijksmuseum had been all but shut down for 10 years for stem-to-stern renovations, and thousands of art tourists from around the world crowded into Amsterdam to celebrate its grand reopening.

But unlike the vast majority of visitors, Pander was an invited guest – and for very good reason.

Facade of the newly renovated Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. Photo: Henk Pander

Facade of the renovated Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. Photo: Henk Pander

The Rijksmuseum has collected a lot of his work, from journals and sketchbooks to giant watercolors. The Amsterdam museum lists 36 larger works by Pander in its collections, dating back to the 1960s, before he left his native Netherlands (he was born in 1937 in the old city of Haarlem, near Amsterdam) for the United States. And that doesn’t count the 17 or so sketchbooks, which contain hundreds more images.


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