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DanceWatch Weekly: Spaces, places and faces

Dancers experimenting with dance everywhere from the theatre to the Armory to a pilates studio.

It is all about variety in the Portland dance scene this week—spaces, places and faces. POV Dance, directed by Mandy Cregan, will perform In My Own Space in Cregan’s Pilates studio in Southeast. Musician Ben Martins curates a third gathering of eclectic Portland performers at The Headwaters. 11: Dance Co performs Cool Moves, Bro for a second week, Heidi Duckler Dance Theatre NW can be seen at JAW Playwright Festival and Trisha Brown’s films are still looping at Yale Union.

This week I interviewed Cregan. This dancer, choreographer, director, business owner, healer, teacher, partner and mother has been creating site-specific (or “architectural dance”) in Portland since 2007 in such places as The Leftbank Project and the Ford Building. I reviewed POV’s Leftbank performance in 2014.


Dance review: ‘3×3’ dances the architecture

POV Dance investigates and incorporates the Leftbank Project

Noel Plemmons and Cameron Growden in "3x3"/Patrick Weishampel

Noel Plemmons and Cameron Growden in “3×3″/Patrick Weishampel


The Leftbank Project, a modest group of buildings originally built in 1923 and designed by great Portland architect A.E. Doyle, began its life housing The Hazelwood (a restaurant, bakery and creamery), and then in turn it became a beer parlor, a famous jazz club called The Dude Ranch, and the home of Mutual Wholesale Drug Co. and Multicraft Plastics. Now, completely refurbished, it is the center for a whole new community of high-tech Portlanders.

It may seem odd to start a dance review with a little architectural history, but this gorgeous building with its giant arched windows was the inspiration and setting for a new work by choreographers Mandy Cregan and Noel Plemmons of POV Dance. The work is called 3×3, and it’s equally stunning.

Here’s what happened on opening night:


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The holiday and then the post-holiday fog are clearing, both literally and as a metaphor for your correspondent’s mental state. All that means is that we’re back at it, bringing you the delightful tidbits of information, news, heavily biased opinions, and random white noise you’ve come to expect!

January is looking jammed with art world goodies, which is brilliant because otherwise it gets pretty cold and damp in the ArtsWatch cave, counting the bats and newts. You’re going to have to hurry to catch the Samurai! show at the Portland Art Museum, which Bob Hicks reviewed so well for us way back in October. It closes on January 12, so sharpen those blades now. Otherwise, it’s new stuff and more new stuff.

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