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Extradition Series: Listening differently

Creative Music Guild's ambient, improvised electroacoustic music concerts provide a different kind of listening experience

Story and photos by MATTHEW ANDREWS

The music started before the doors were even open. As the audience filtered in to Leaven Center and got seated, we could hear the sounds of forests, rivers, trains, windy canyons, and the complex sounds of the Oregon coast. Sound artist Tim Westcott’s recent quadrophonic piece A Land of Falling Waters emerged from four speakers positioned throughout the sanctuary.

Westcott’s was the first of many examples at this late October Creative Music Guild concert of how the ambient, improvised electroacoustic music presented at this and other CMG shows requires a different kind of listening than a typical concert.

Doug Theriault is a stalwart of Creative Music Guild happenings.

Doug Theriault is a stalwart of Creative Music Guild happenings.

There is the exotic technology; the extreme repetition; the use of drones, sparse textures, and long stretches of silence; indeed, there is often very little that is recognizably musical (i.e., distinct rhythms or hummable melodies). Some CMG performers even shun the ‘musician’ label altogether, preferring terms like “sound artist” as better descriptors of their craft. None of that should scare anyone away from CMG and its scene. Here’s a newcomer’s guide.


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