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FILM REVIEW: Daniel Radcliffe is a “Swiss Army Man”

The erstwhile Harry Potter plays a farting corpse in this truly bizarre comedy co-starring Paul Dano

When Daniel Radcliffe left the “Harry Potter” franchise behind, it was clear he intended to do more than merely coast on his wizardly glory. He appeared nude on stage in “Equus.” In films, he’s played Allen Ginsburg, Igor, and a guy who sports devil horns. He’s demonstrated his appreciation of the works of Tom Lehrer. In other words, he’s not playing it safe.

But his role as a farting corpse in “Swiss Army Man” is the most outrageous thing he’s done yet. It also might be the best. Yes, you read that right. Daniel Radcliffe plays a farting corpse. He’s discovered one day, having washed up on a beach, by a castaway named Hank (Paul Dano) who has just failed an attempted suicide by hanging. (Have I mentioned this is a comedy?)


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