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Concert reviews: Oregon Percussion Ensemble, FearNoMusic

Nonmusical factors variously undermine and boost a pair of spring musical performances

Oregon Percussion Ensemble performed in Portland's Celebration Works series.

Oregon Percussion Ensemble performed in Portland’s Celebration Works series.

Carnegie Hall’s acclaimed Spring for Music series, which helped bring the Oregon Symphony deserved national prominence, has, alas, expired. But starting with March Music Moderne and continuing through April and May, Portland, in its typically shambolic, low-budget manner, has staged its own unofficial Spring for New Music, a non-festival of performances of contemporary classical music that I’d put up against any metropolis in the country outside the 212 area code. As noted in the initial post in this mini-series (and for that matter, our coverage of MMM  and other concerts this spring), the music has generally been of high caliber and broad appeal. But as mentioned yesterday, non-musical factors often impeded audience enjoyment of the excellent music onstage, and regrettably, that trend continued in some of the other shows I covered.


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