This week’s notable movies include a pair of unique buddy comedies, a portrait of testicular quackery, and one role each for Stellan Skarsgard and his son Alexander.




“Swiss Army Man”: Frontrunner for most bizarre comedy of the year, this debut feature from the directing duo Daniels stars Paul Dano as a suicidal castaway and Daniel Radcliffe as the washed-up dead body who comes to his rescue. (Hollywood Theatre) READ MORE

David Giuntoli and Flula Borg star in "Buddymoon."

David Giuntoli and Flula Borg star in “Buddymoon.”


FILM REVIEW: Testicular quackery exposed in “Nuts!”

Penny Lane's fantastic documentary profiles the inventor of the 'goat gland' impotence cure

“Gentlemen! Step right up! Been feeling down in the dumps? Lacking that usual masculine vitality? Well, Doctor John Romulus Brinkley has just the thing for you!”

“See that goat over there? The one frolicking about in a charged, even amorous fashion? Well, see, all we have to do is remove a certain gland from that there goat and insert it into your”—


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