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FILM REVIEW: “Maggie’s Plan” coasts on its cast

Greta Gerwig stars as a woman who regrets her affair with Ethan Hawke and tries to get him back with his wife Julianne Moore

“Maggie’s Plan” has a pretty great cast. It’s just too bad that more of them don’t get the chance to really act. This is one of those films where just knowing who’s playing each part tells you almost everything you need to know about the characters.

For instance, when I say that Greta Gerwig stars, you picture a charming but flighty young woman whose worries include whether or not she can maintain her eccentric spontaneity while learning how to adult. (She’s definitely someone who uses ‘adult’ as a verb.) Her fashions are endearingly quaint, her job is vaguely academic, and she’s a New Yorker through and through. In other words, if you’ve seen a Greta Gerwig movie, you know this woman.

That’s Maggie. Her titular plan (the first one) involves becoming a mother without having to deal with all that messy relationship nonsense, so she sets out in search of a suitable sperm donor. She thinks she’s found one in the person of a Brooklyn pickle Guy–his name is actually Guy–whose picture should be next to the word ‘hipster’ in Webster’s.


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