like a villain

A Healing Sound: Blue Cranes, Ahleuchatistas, and Like a Villain

In a triple bill at Portland's Mississippi Studios, three very different bands find common ground in musical catharsis


“The next song…” Holland Andrews says to the audience, “this next song is about death. Or—more specifically, it’s about where the soul goes after you die.” Andrews’ current work, as Like a Villain, responds to the childhood tragedy of her mother’s suicide. This existential reflection would resound throughout a May 24 evening at Mississippi Studios. But the ambiance wasn’t morose. On the contrary: it was a wildly expressive celebration of sound. If there is one thing that links the three unique artists who performed that night, it is: catharsis. The healing catharsis of music. Overcoming tragedy, undergoing intense change, radically questioning the world, experimenting and exploring—music offers itself as a document, expression, and an antidote to suffering as well as a technology of the visionary self.

Like a Villain.

Like a Villain.

Though coming from different aesthetic touchstones, the music of Blue Cranes, Ahleuchatistas, and Like A Villain overflows with passion, sonic experimentation, stylistic fusion, and virtuosic lyricism. These are full-spectrum artists and extremely talented musicians, entering their own maturity and rapidly evolving. From whimsical sunshine to deep dark shadow, they fearlessly confront and reconstruct the drama of Life through their soul-drenched musics.


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