Leftbank Project

Dance review: ‘3×3’ dances the architecture

POV Dance investigates and incorporates the Leftbank Project

Noel Plemmons and Cameron Growden in "3x3"/Patrick Weishampel

Noel Plemmons and Cameron Growden in “3×3″/Patrick Weishampel


The Leftbank Project, a modest group of buildings originally built in 1923 and designed by great Portland architect A.E. Doyle, began its life housing The Hazelwood (a restaurant, bakery and creamery), and then in turn it became a beer parlor, a famous jazz club called The Dude Ranch, and the home of Mutual Wholesale Drug Co. and Multicraft Plastics. Now, completely refurbished, it is the center for a whole new community of high-tech Portlanders.

It may seem odd to start a dance review with a little architectural history, but this gorgeous building with its giant arched windows was the inspiration and setting for a new work by choreographers Mandy Cregan and Noel Plemmons of POV Dance. The work is called 3×3, and it’s equally stunning.

Here’s what happened on opening night:


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