Lance Banks

Theater and comedy merge at ‘ALL CAPS’

And looking ahead maybe some of the psychological help we all so desperately need

Lance Banks and The Red Thespian in "ALL CAPS"/Photo: Jason Traeger

Lance Banks and The Red Thespian in “ALL CAPS”/Photo: Jason Traeger


Anyone who has ever been to a stand-up comedy open mic or befriended a theater major knows that sometimes, character-based comedy can be cringe-inducing. That’s why it was so exciting for me (full disclosure: I’m a comic) to see actor/comedian Scott Rogers’ curated show of local actors and comedians, ALL CAPS, displaying the best and most surreal character creations.

It’s also refreshing to watch familiar faces inhabiting someone besides their stand-up stage personas. For them, it’s exciting to trick theater-goers into a comedy show! These performers are bringing new work to Fertile Ground in ALL CAPS, but they’re also bringing fierce, energizing comedy to a new audience. Says Rogers, “Theatre crowds and comedy crowds have the same desire—connecting with performers, their work, and going for a ride—even when that ride is dark and silly.”


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