Keijaun Thomas

DanceWatch Weekly: TBA dance preview

PICA's 11-day festival features experimental, interdisciplinary artists from around the globe

Ready, set, go! It’s TBA time!

TBA stands for Time-Based Art, Portland Institute For Contemporary Art’s annual festival featuring experimental, interdisciplinary artists from around the globe who are defining this moment in time through their art. Performing artists this year come from all over the US as well as Lebanon, Bulgaria, South Korea and France. The festival runs 11 days starting on September 8, and spreads out to various corners of the city. It’s an exciting rush of non-stop activity, from morning workshops, midday artists talks and evening Field Guide sessions led by the TBA Scholars (a new program this year), multiple evening performances, visual art exhibitions, music performances and after-hours parties. It is a mind altering, opinion changing, heart opening, extravaganza of the senses. So go!

Because I write about dance, I am going to break down the “danciest” aspects of the festival even though PICA clearly states that they aren’t pigeon-holing artists this year. I can’t help it, I am a dancephile, and I ALWAYS have my lens sharply focused on anything dance related. This is not to say that there aren’t many other wonderful offerings outside of what I am writing about below, because there are, and you should see them, too. Check out the full schedule of events on PICA’s website.

If you are a dancer/mover/juggler, do not miss the Master Classes taught by TBA’s visiting and local artists. As Portland artists, we do not get many chances to rub elbows with artists from other communities unless we go to theirs and that’s expensive.

So here goes.


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