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Jordan Wayne Long in a crate in a van. image via


For the past week, artist Jordan Wayne Long has been in a crate in the back of a van for his performance “Box Shipment #2.”  The performance winds up tonight July, 7 at 7 PM at the Fourteen30Contemporary @ the 937 space curated by Rocksbox Fine Art, although apparently the van arrived in Portland yesterday evening.

Long has been in the crate, communicating only through an online Lord of the Rings Game (and a couple of videos), as the van is driven from Bald Knob, AR to Portland by a crew including Bradi Roberts, Matt Glass, and Shane Long. Here’s what the inside of that crate looks like:


Jordan Wayne Long in crate for Box Shipment #2. image via


And here’s the equipment list which includes more electronics than clothing or food. Gross. Jordan eats 28 protein bars in a box while his LOTRO character, Adanwings, adventures in Meneldor with wargs and hobbits.

How do we know? Well because someone called “Townsfolk,” “a level 40 Dwarf of Meneldor,” has written blog posts tracing the movements and actions of Adanwings. So on July 3:

On a peacemaking campaign across greater Eriador, Adanwings filled the role of ambassador today. Acting as liaison between the Rangers of the North and the hillmen of upper Dunland – a region known as Enedwaith – Adanwings slaughtered a great many of the behemoth Plains Oxen.


And it turns out Adanwings is a girl. Here she is slaughtering an ox:

image via


Also inside, here’s a Day 5 update YouTube video which is not as exciting as oxen-killing:



Meanwhile, outside the crate, the crew has been blogging about visiting Carhenge and the Christ of the Ozarks statue, seeing fireworks, and copping extra electricity for the crate at the motels where they stay. Long’s website runs these two blogs, in box and out of box, parallel to one another. Out of box notes the stats like Long’s time exercising, sleeping, playing the game, water-drinking, etc. that he communicates via his Facebook page.

I’m interested in the project addressing the split or blurring between the virtual and the real. Looking forward to the performance winding up tonight at 7 at @937 (937 NW Glisan).


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