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Film Review: “Last Days in the Desert” tells a tale of the Christ

Ewan McGregor plays Jesus in this beautifully shot story set during the end of His 40-day fast

Once you’ve played Obi-Wan Kenobi, what’s left to do? That’s the dilemma that has apparently stymied Ewan McGregor. In the decade-plus since he last donned Jedi robes in “Star Wars Episode III,” McGregor has popped up in a couple decent flicks (“Beginners,” “The Impossible”), but he’s also done a lot of work that fails to draw on the talent, charisma, and risk-taking he demonstrated in early movies like “Trainspotting,” “The Pillow Book,” and “Velvet Goldmine.”

Maybe he developed some sort of messiah complex. If so, “Last Days in the Desert” ought to get it out of his system. Yes, it’s Ewan McGregor as Jesus of Nazareth. Well, technically, it’s Ewan McGregor as Yeshua or “holy man,” which are the only things he’s ever called in this reverent, beautifully shot (by Oscar winner Emmanuel Lubezki), but dramatically inert Bible story.


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