jack o’connell

Film Review: “Money Monster” cashes out

George Clooney, Julia Roberts, and Jodie Foster team up for a disappointingly cynical thriller about the economic crisis and media complicity

As economic populism sweeps the land this election season, who can we trust to encapsulate and express the rage of the little guy? Who will expose the ways in which Wall Street, the media, and perhaps capitalism itself have conspired to enrich the many at the expense of the few?

If you said “Hollywood,” then I’ve got a can’t-miss stock tip for you. Get out your credit card and hold for our next operator.

The most disappointing thing about “Money Monster” is that it comes from some of Tinseltown’s most decorated and genuine liberals. Star George Clooney’s credentials include lionizing Edward R. Murrow and publicizing genocide in the Sudan. Julia Roberts made environmental activism sexy, and once reportedly said “’Republican’ comes in the dictionary just after ‘reptile’ and just above ‘repugnant.’” And director Jodie Foster, while more publicly enigmatic, has demonstrated through her choice of roles that she’s somewhere left of center.


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