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Home Movies: ‘Hail Caesar!,’ ‘Anomalisa,’ and more

Three of the best-reviewed films of the last few months are now available on home video.

Three of the best-reviewed films of the last few months debuted on disc this week, and they couldn’t be three more different movies. Predictably, only the one about the cartoon talking animals was a big hit in theaters.

“Hail Caesar!” has an exclamation point in its title for a reason. This high-energy, affectionate spoof of old Hollywood finds Joel and Ethan Coen in palate-cleansing slaphappy mode after the brilliant misanthropy of “Inside Llewyn Davis.” George Clooney stars as a thick-headed movie star who gets abducted by a mysterious band of leftist radicals, sending studio detective Josh Brolin on a wild goose chase through 1950s Tinseltown. Stars like Channing Tatum (in a Gene Kelly-esque dance number) and Scarlett Johansson (as an Esther Williams-esque aquatic actress) gamely chip in. Alden Ehrenreich (aka your new Han Solo) and Ralph Fiennes collaborate to make “Would that it were so simple” the most hilarious line of dialogue of the year. Perhaps not top-shelf Coen Brothers, but good enough to brighten an evening. ($29.98 DVD, $39.98 Blu-ray, $4.99 online rental, $14.99 online purchase)


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