Gabriel Temme

‘Spooky Girls’: a new puppet short-film series

The Hand and the Shadow production company has a new series of puppet films about teen witches ready to roll

UPDATE: Spooky Girls is now watchable on Vimeo.

A funny thing happens when you have puppeteer friends: sometimes, the coolest strangers who show up in your photo feed turn out, upon closer inspection, to be handcrafted. That’s been happening to me lately with specimens from The Hand And The Shadow production company’s as-yet-unreleased The Spooky Girls. See for yourself.


Tracy gives a documentary-style “interview” in one of the Spooky Girls shorts. Each character gets to have their say this way.

Pretty lifelike, no? Yeah, spookily so.

The Spooky Girls is the passion project of Jason Thibodeaux, Gabriel Temme, and Sarah Frechette (whom nerds of the oeuvre may remember from a feature in Artslandia Kids 2015, various LAIKA credits, and Night Shade Puppet Theatre, a shadow-puppet troupe that’s played TBA and Disjecta with Japanther). Wrapping a year of hard work in studio, they plan to start rolling out 11 short webisodes on and after Halloween, although the platform (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.) hasn’t yet been announced. Then, they hope to crowdfund a feature film.

When I stopped by The Hand And The Shadow’s studio workspace—a warehouse on North Columbia Boulevard—they’d just finished shooting a scene on their “pizza place” set (a dead ringer for Rocco’s). Tracy, a lavender-haired post-punk character a little shorter than my forearm, was perched in a red vinyl booth, poised to enjoy a tiny chocolate sundae.


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