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Fellowship winner Stephanie Buer's "Sunrise From the Roof of the Packard Plant"

Calligram, a new foundation dedicated to supporting artists, and the Falcon Art Community have joined forces to fund the $150,000 Calligram Falcon Fellowship program. The five fellows in this year’s class will divide $110,000 in direct cash stipends.

From the press release:

“The 2012 Fellows—Alexander Rokoff, Samir Khurshid, Stephanie Buer, Molly Maine and Nathaniel Praska—will receive a monthly stipend, a studio at the Falcon Art Community’s state-of-the-art facilities, as well as support in gallery shows, sales, reproduction and marketing of their work.  The program culminates with an end-of-the-year show of the work completed during the Fellowship.

“The fellowship stipends are offered at a level that is game-changing for the artist, allowing them to quit doing odd jobs and focus full time on creating artwork,” says Allie Furlotti, the Founder and Executive Director of Calligram.  “The money should allow the artist to refocus and dedicate their time to the pursuit of their craft, while supporting them at a level that still motivates them,” adds Brian Wannamaker, the Founder and Executive Director of the Falcon Art Community.”

And the release told us a little more about this year’s fellows:

  • Alexander Rokoff, a figure painter who is currently apprenticing through the beginning of next year at Odd Nerdrum’s studio in Paris
  • Samir Khurshid, an Iraqi refugee who escaped to Portland after working first as Saddam Hussein’s portrait painter and then as a portraitist of American military families
  • Stephanie Buer, a new Portland resident from Detroit whose work examines degraded urban landscapes in photo-realistic detail
  • Molly Maine, an emerging Portland artist whose Dutch Masters-influenced paintings caught the committee’s eye at a recent show at Northwest Coffeehouse
  • Nathaniel Praska, a West Coast impressionist who paints figures in landscapes.

Read the full press release after the jump.


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