Éowyn Emerald & Dancers

DanceWatch Weekly: Farewells and welcomes

So long to Eowyn Emerald, hello to Arcos, welcome back to Ten Tiny Dances and a Tanin reprise.

In this week’s DanceWatch I am recycling an interview I did last year with Tanin, an Iranian dance artist. At the time I was reflecting on what freedom meant, were any of us really “free” at all, and what it was like to work as an artist in a politically restrictive country. Tanin is not the artist’s real name—for security reasons.

Tanin, who is now 24, is a freelance dancer, choreographer, and filmmaker. We met several years ago when she submitted her first film to the dance and film festival that I started in New Jersey called The Outlet Dance Project. Her film and the conditions of her life and her perseverance and dedication to dance moved and inspired me, and I wanted to share her story. That conversation which we had via email, unfolds below after this week’s dance performance listings.


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