dj new moon poncho

Photo: Andrew Billing. PICA's 16th Birthday Party. Holocene. Portland, OR


How sweet was PICA’s Sweet 16 birthday party at holocene? A big mess of cotton candy sweet. Reminded me of TBA late nights when everyone’s around, music’s good, kind of have to yell to talk but you do it anyway, or dance. Reporter, Miracles Club, Emily (DJ New Moon Poncho) spun┬ábefore and after, and it was so good. “You make me feel mighty real.” And I love that some Jesse Sugarmann-ed one of the PICA van invites (see above) (was it Jesse?).


Reporter. Photo: Tim Kamerer.


Above the bar there was a projection of live video of the photobooth-in-the-van outside manned by brilliantly by Sokhun Keo. AND NOW there are the photos to prove it and more. Thanks PICA crew.


PICA CREW. Photo: Sokhun Keo

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