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Brian Cutean on disk, on air, onstage: Evergreen artistry

On his career-capping new album and in concert in Portland, the veteran Eugene singer combines social conscience with sharply observed songwriting


Since running away as a Midwestern youth to ride the rails and join the traveling minstrels, Eugene-based Brian Cutean has been mentored by some giants of various genres of modern Americana and world music and theater while he has himself cast distinctive influence across styles of song, recording, improv/story theater, spoken-word performance, deeply enmeshed in activist and arborist communities of cultivators and folk artists.

Brian Cutean and band performed at Portland's Old Church concert hall. Photo: Daniel Flessas.

Brian Cutean and band performed at Portland’s Old Church concert hall. Photo: Daniel Flessas.

A warm late August show in Portland at the acoustically overhauled historic Old Church gave the city folk and Ore-Wa regional song-chasers a chance to celebrate Cutean’s newly released album, slow-cooked with some of the spicy musicians who lent it its flavor on-hand as summer touring commitments wind down.


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