Dance With Joy Studios

My Year in Tango: Part One

The perfect partner for a tango adventure comes... and goes

At Dance with Joy Studios a couple pairs up to take a lesson.

At Dance with Joy Studios a couple pairs up to take a lesson.

This story begins in earnest with The Urban Planner (my first partner), the Dance with Joy Studios (the first lesson), and the wrong shoes (mine, of course). But there are a few other bits I want you to know about: The Tanguero, the French wine bar, and the Mango Nights tango band. In other words, the preliminary drama that set the stage for my tango curiosity.

Editor’s Note: For the Intro to Sabina Samiee’s tango diary click here.

The night I found Argentine Tango, I was with a salsa-dancing friend who hadn’t the foggiest how to dance tango. We had seen that “Tango music” was on tap at Vie De Boheme, a wine bar quietly nestled in Portland’s distillery district, right next to a very lively and somewhat irresistible vodka bar….but that’s another tale.

I knew something about tango, that it had been granted protected cultural status by UNESCO several years ago, for example, and I had even heard the words “national treasure of Argentina” brandished about. And, of course, there had been “Sesame Street” all those years ago….This all fueled my interest in the dance.

So, there I was: sitting on the sidelines, observing and already somewhat captivated by the music and the legend, when The Tanguero approached.


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