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Dance+ by the numbers: Uh one uh two uh three…

Why did we like the Dance+ Performance Festival? We count the ways...

During the final waltz section of the last dance for Part One of this year’s Dance+ Performance Festival at Conduit dance studio, Jessica Hightower’s “Problem of Bias,” an elegant, rigorously executed dance that reminded me somehow of those little dance figures on top of music boxes that pirouette as the tune plays, I realized a couple of things. The first was that I was having a lot of fun at the show, puzzling as some of it was. The second was the structure of this brief recap of the evening!

Keely McIntyre and Jessica Hightower in "Problem of Bias"/Courtesy Conduit

Keely McIntyre and Jessica Hightower in “Problem of Bias”/Courtesy Conduit

10 Reasons to See Dance+, Part One

1. If you have the chance to watch Keely McIntyre dance, you probably should take advantage of it, shouldn’t you?

2. McIntyre performed with Hightower in “Problem of Bias,” and they made a great pairing, Hightower tall and long-limbed complementing the shorter McIntyre. In their unison sections (a lot of the dance), I could see the difference in the speed they moved, McIntyre slightly slower as their bodies rotated in tandem or arms released into space.

3. And yes, “Problem of Bias,” which I thought of as spare, direct, full of arm gestures and deep stretches, but still clear, almost clock-like, is a very well-made dance.


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