DramaWatch Weekly: on ’til November

Im Portland theater it's a week of the Rooster, The Events, seasonal cosplay, and some houseplants for Hand2Mouth

Has it occurred to you that Halloween is the only time of year when regular people moonlight as actors?

A.L. Adams

And all the more so since character cosplay has engulfed general-category costumes. Instead of “a zombie,” or “a pirate,” more and more people seem to dress as “this zombie” or “that pirate” from some show or movie, leaving them oddly depicting a mix of the character they’re being, the actor who famously plays the character, and themselves. And just like that, your Halloween party spread is transformed into craft services on a Hollywood set, with Captain Johnny-Jack Depp-Sparrow, who is actually Kevin from work, scarfing all of your Doritos. How meta.


Erica Smith gets into character

Oregon State apparel design student Erica Smith lives in the intense world of cosplay, a world of strange characters and intricate costume designs.


Erica Smith hasn’t slept in three days.

Tonight is the sexual health fashion show, and Erica’s design is finally runway-ready. She’s been stitching condoms to a dress for the past 72 hours, but only the manic brightness in her eyes betrays her fatigue. She looks edgy and elegant, almost vampire-chic, with her black lace and dramatic eye shadow. Her unwashed hair, swirled with a braided blonde extension, is pinned up in a lavish bun.

She knew there was a good reason for keeping so much fake hair in her closet.


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