Dance weekend: PSU’s student show, another leg and a hoopoe

The student choreographer show at PSU, another leg of Linda Austin's epic (Un)Made, and 'The Conference of the Birds'

Everything in life is fair game for choreography—life, death, love, hate, all of it. You learn so much about the choreographers around you, just by watching their dances. Dance is an expression of the inner workings of a person’s soul. All those emotions, thoughts and questions that you cannot put into words come out in movement form.

I saw the PSU Dance Department performance, Catalyst, last night, and the dancers may not be so refined in their technique and form just yet, but I was moved by their enthusiasm, support of one another and their love of movement. I also wondered if any of what I saw last night might be a spark to ignite some creative endeavor for them in the future. How are they going to take this performance experience into their future lives? Even if they don’t become professional dancers the experience of making a dance, teaching it to others, staging it and performing it are invaluable experiences and translate into so many other areas. As cheesy as it sounds, they are our future and it’s valuable for us to see what they have to say.

Presented by PSU’s Dance Program Students
7:30 pm June 9-10
Lincoln Hall, PSU, 1620 SW Park Ave.
PSU’s Dance program, under the direction of Tere Mathern, will present 12 new works by the program’s student choreographers. Their imaginative choreographic investigations range from hummingbirds to feminism and hip-hop to Shakespeare.

Linda Austin started the Solo Relay as part of her dance investigation, "(Un)Made"/Jeff Forbes

Linda Austin started the Solo Relay as part of her dance investigation, “(Un)Made”/Jeff Forbes

(Un)Made Solo Relay Leg #4: Nancy Ellis & Robert Tyree
June 12-13
Performance Works NW, 4625 SE 67th Ave.
Leg #4 belongs to Nancy Ellis and Robert Tyree. Come see what they have remembered, misremembered and adapted from witnessing versions by Matthew Shyka and Linda K. Johnson, in Leg #3, of this solo relay project series. The Solo Relay is part of a larger, long term project called (Un)Made directed by Linda Austin. I have watched the process from the very beginning, and it has been a deeply thought-provoking experience.

Conference of the Birds through Classical Indian Dance
Presented by Natya Leela Academy
2 & 5 pm, June 13
Lincoln Hall, PSU, 1620 SW Park Ave.
“The Conference of the Birds” or “Speech of the Birds” is a poem, by 12th Century Sufi poet Farid ud-Din Atta, that tells a story of the birds of the world gathering together to choose a king and are instructed by the wisest bird, a hoopoe, to look for Simorgh, a mythical Persian bird similar to a Phoenix, to be their king. Simorgh is a symbol for God, and the journey is a metaphor for their search for enlightenment. The birds each represent different states of human consciousness, and once they arrive at their destination, all they find is a lake and see their own reflections. The poem will be interpreted by 18 students, ages 5 to 45, of the Natya Leela Academy, a Bharatanatyam Dance School directed by Subashini Ganesan.

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