TBA:13: Campo puts the ‘man’ in dance

The first big hit of the Time-Based Art Festival involves a little manly competition


From the back of the Winningstad Theater at the Portland Center for the Performing Arts, I belly laugh through clinched teeth as a nude Guilherme Garrido leads a likewise naked Pieter Ampe around the stage by his penis, like a dog on a very short leash. It looks fairly painful, as has much of the contemporary dance duo’s choreography, but the audience laughs through it. We’ve been laughing all night. “Still Standing You” is that kind of show.

Just when it seems that Garrido will maintain the upper hand, Ampe returns the gesture and grabs Garrido’s penis. They stop in their tracks, each man holding the other’s member, as if challenging one another to a competition. They contort their bodies, twisting and wrapping around each other, keeping a firm grip. Garrido whispers “The Matrix” as if presenting some impressive style of martial arts or secret yoga position. They do look an awful lot like a mirrored pair of Neos dodging bullets in slow motion. You know, while holding each other’s dicks.


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