Brenna Murphy

Brenna Murphy: The archaeologist of meditation

At the new Upfor gallery space, Oregon Painting Society veteran Brenna Murphy constructs a portrait of the human mind.


Brenna Murphy plots where she’ll install fields of colored sand, filling in the floorspace between mirrors and sculptures and prints of digital work.

Light ambient music makes a blanket of peaceful, exploratory synthesizers. Patterns of sound come up for air and duck back into the auditory lake.

She slowly walks between the objects assembled in Upfor’s exhibition space; those composing an installation she calls “Lattice-Face Parameter Chant.”

Brenna Murphy's “Lattice-Face Parameter Chant.”  at Upfor gallery./Courtesy of the artist

Brenna Murphy’s “Lattice-Face Parameter Chant.” at Upfor gallery./Courtesy of the artist

Unconstructed sculptural components are piled by like form and size. Some of the pieces have already come together, mirroring the abstract, shape-based compositions found in Murphy’s expansive universe of digitally manufactured environments; those translated out of their native electronic mediums via laser cutters and 3D printers to live with us Organics for a little while.

Something about Murphy is reminiscent of a kid making repairs to a seasoned treefort.


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