beth levin

By Jeff Winslow

Editor’s note: Portland-based composer Jeff Winslow attended many of the events in this month’s Portland International Piano Festival and filed this guest review.

Possibly in an attack of first-day jitters, the lights accidentally came up after Andreas Klein played Beethoven’s op. 7 sonata, the opening work of this year’s Portland International Piano Festival, while all stayed dark at the very end of his concert after the applause had died away. Maybe the glitches were a metaphor for the performance, which despite manifold points of interest and beauty seemed to show that Klein just wasn’t quite up to the job. Several times he wandered off into la-la land, and only recovered by skipping ahead or seamlessly circling back and taking a second run at it. When this happened only a few minutes into the Beethoven, I was shocked because he seemed so assured up to that point.


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