benefits of gusbandry

Web series “The Benefits of Gusbandry” hits the big screen

Creators Alicia J. Rose and Courtenay Hameister talk about their raunchy, heartfelt, weed-infused online hit and its upcoming season finale

Portland filmmaker Alicia J. Rose has been drawing raves for her web series “The Benefits of Gusbandry,” and after watching the first five episodes it’s clear why. This topical but raunchy comedy follows the (mis)adventures of straight Jackie (Brooke Totman), who’s just turned forty, and her burgeoning best-friendship with gay River (Kurt Conryod).

Rose based the series on her own relationships with various ‘gusbands.’ People have compared the show to a certain 1990’s NBC sitcom, but, as Rose says, “unlike ‘Will & Grace,’ this show isn’t about people trying to find romantic partners. It’s about people who’ve found each other.” It also has a lot more pot smoking. And, frankly, it’s funnier.


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