“Beaux Arts Club”

Theater reviews: Women rule in ‘Ithaka,’ ‘Beaux Arts Club’

Playwrights Andrea Stolowitz and Carol Triffle write well from entirely different places

During the past week or so, I’ve seen two world premieres by Portland playwrights Andrea Stolowitz’s “Ithaka” and Carol Triffle’s “Beaux Arts Club.” For those of us who believe that our success as a culture is contingent upon growing and consuming our own (just as it is with actual crops), that’s almost enough. But then of course we’d like them to be reasonably accomplished and somewhat useful to us one way or another, in the broadest sense of “useful.” I’m happy to report that from my seat, both were quite a bit more than “reasonably accomplished” and “somewhat useful.”

I don’t have a unified field theory that links Stolowitz’s spare, deeply reported play about a returning Iraq War veteran to Triffle’s typically absurdist comedy with music. Highly enjoyable performances by their leading ladies? Well, that’s true enough—but Dana Millican in “Ithaka” and Anne Sorce in “Beaux Arts Club” occupy completely different wings of the theater estate.


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