bea fremderman

By Patrick Collier

The headline question might very well be turned around on me. My prepared answer: I’m too old and live too far away. Those at least are reasons enough for me to avoid Last Thursdays on Alberta. Apparently though, I’m curmudgeonly as well, because I will admit to letting a once-monthly event keep me out of that part of Portland most other times. My loss, and I know it, so add pathetic to my list of flaws.

OK, maybe not that last one. I’m trying to rectify the situation.

I am in Portland most Thursdays, which is not always the best day to see art at some of the city’s alternative spaces, as they are typically open only on weekends. One such gallery is Appendix Project Space. Operated as a group curatorial effort by Joshua Pavlacky, Zachary Davis, Travis Fitzgerald and Alex Mackin Dolan, the exhibition space is in a two-car garage on an alley between 26th and 27th Avenues on the south side of Alberta. I have followed their programming via their website for some time now, and just from that I can tell they show some of the most innovative and challenging work this city has seen.

Knowing that I would be in their hood to run some errands, and having met Zachary Davis when we served together on a jury panel for an art exhibit, I contacted him and he graciously met me at the space so I could see Bea Fremderman’s sculpture installation, “S,M,L,XL.”


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