band of outsiders

“Band of Outsiders”: Jean-Luc Godard 101

The French New Wave master's 1964 classic, here in a new digital print, is a love triangle, a crime caper, and an ode to classic Hollywood

If you happen to be an aspiring cinephile, intent on exploring the work of the greatest filmmakers, but have thus far been intimidated by the often thorny resume of one Jean-Luc Godard, take heart. This weekend, the Northwest Film Center is screening a new digital restoration of Godard’s 1965’s “Band of Outsiders,” the best possible entry point to Godard’s world. (For goodness’ sake, at least don’t start with his newer stuff!)

It’s a caper film, a tribute to the Hollywood B-movies so beloved by the French New Wave crew, and a comedy (until it’s not). It features the luminous, adorable Anna Karina, the suavely handsome Sami Frey, and the rough but charming Claude Brasseur as three corners of a classic love triangle. And then there’s that iconic dance scene.


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