Arts for All

By Dan Fitzmaurice

The Oregon Trail card is a passport to the arts.

When Laura Young lost her job, she lost the chance  to arts events in Portland, too. The tickets were just too expensive.

But she also received food stamps through the state’s Supplemental Nutritional Assistance(SNAP) program, which she relies upon to buy groceries. And now, a new program started by local classical music groups has opened up the doors for Laura and the 1-in-5 Oregonians who receive SNAP to attend concerts and plays they couldn’t have afforded otherwise.

“I always read about the arts offerings in The Oregonian and was so excited to buy affordable tickets to attend some shows with the Arts for All program,” Laura wrote ArtsWatch. “I think it’s important that my granddaughter, who lives with me, experiences performing arts of all kinds live. I have always loved to support the arts and hope the program will continue to grow.”

Laura and her granddaughter took a short pilgrimage away from their normal routine for unforgettable afternoons with the Oregon Ballet Theater and Portland Center Stage this year. The tickets were five dollars each.


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