Arlie Press

Poet Annie Lighthart’s cures for poisonous thought

An interview about a new collection of generous poems from Arlie Press


My conversation with poet Annie Lighthart, debut author of the book Iron String published in 2013 by Airlie Press, took place at TaborSpace in Southeast Portland. It seemed predetermined by the poems that Lighthart writes—lyrical, imaginative, tender, metaphysical writings that begin in the things of this world—that our conversation would touch down on topics like the imagination and the soul. How apropos, then, to meet at TaborSpace, founded five years back by the clergy of Mt. Tabor Presbyterian Church and community leaders as a donation- and volunteer-based coffeehouse and meeting space. Being here also means that the stained glass reflects off of Annie’s brownish hair and pink cheeks as she speaks with animation about being a poet. (I didn’t take her picture that day, so here’s where your imagination comes in.)


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