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Monday morning: First cup with Ken Kesey, foundation logic, David Lynch, etc.

By Barry Johnson
August 8, 2011
Culture, Featured
Ken Kesey’s magic bus

The new documentary, Magic Trip, about Ken Kesey’s famous Merry Prankster trip across America, includes the tape of Kesey’s first experience on LSD, part of a government experiment. Freaky! The movie opens Friday at the Hollywood Theatre. (Open Culture)

The message of “restricted giving” by foundations to arts groups is that the arts groups aren’t trustworthy. So, why give money to untrustworthy arts groups? That’s the logic train of Kevin Starr in the Stanford Social Innovation Review. (via Adaptistration)

Down in LA they have Oregon Shakespeare Festival envy. And if they only knew about Portland’s sudden explosion in outdoor Bard-centric companies, they might feel even worse. (LA Times)

A Singapore new play festival shows what it means for theater to be local — and political. (Wall St. Journal)

The new PLAZM magazine, which we are slowly savoring,  has an elliptical interview with David Lynch about, um, gee, expanding consciousness? Anyway, it’s pretty amazing. Lynch has a thought or two about politics, too, though politics don’t come up in the interview (conducted by Stephanie Snyder).  Here’s his view of the debt-ceiling “process” that Congress conducted recently.(via Open Culture)

HOW THINGS HAVE BEEN GOING from David Lynch on Vimeo.

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