LISTEN: Interview with ‘Land Ho!’ writer/director Aaron Katz

The indie filmmaker and Portland native talks about his new film, buddy road comedies, The Simpsons, living in LA, and more


Land Ho! director Aaron Katz (red cap, next to his co-director Martha Stephens) on set in Iceland.

Writer/director Aaron Katz has a new film opening in his hometown of Portland today at Cinema 21. Land Ho! is a simple, low-key story about two old friends (Earl Lynn Nelson, Paul Eenhoorn) with near polar opposite personalities who go on a vacation to Iceland. The locations are beautiful, the character dynamics deeply empathetic and well-developed, and the humor consistent through this charming trifle’s 96 minute runtime. Katz was generous enough to talk with us over the phone about the film and much more, so we hope you give a listen and like what you hear.

Land Ho! profile

Earl Lynn Nelson and Paul Eenhoorn in “Land Ho!”

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