Glitterheart’s Lunation at Nationale

Glitterheart. photo courtesy Nationale.



I didn’t know that when there’s a a full lunar cycle between two new moons during a month it’s called a “complete lunation.” That’s what art is for, right? Teaching me about science and the world. Go read Wikipedia, Lisa…”Lunation is the mean time for one lunar phase cycle (i.e., the synodic period of the Moon). It is on average 29.530589 days.” And that 29 is why this is a big deal, why it’s a rarity when the real moon cycle alignswith the calendar month. It happens this year only in July. Glitterheart’s exhibition and performance, “Lunation,” at Nationale addresses the possibility that when the tides of the earth’s bodies of water are affected by the moon, that perhaps the moon affects similar tides within the body as well. Glitterheart is Jess Hirsch, Emma Lipp, and Matt Marble.

The exhibition is on view July 8 through August 7 with an opening reception Friday July 8, from 6-9 PM. Glitterheart performs Saturday July 9, 7 PM and Sunday July 10 at 11 AM.

More from May at Nationale:

For Lunation, Glitterheart … journeys through a cosmic landscape of astrological influences where geology merges with physiology, and performance and installation weave into ethereal layers of soil, skin, and rock.

Glitterheart is a collaboration between individuals with a focus on interactive, responsive, and visually oriented live art.

Jess Hirsch lives and works in Minneapolis, Minnesota where she is currently pursuing an MFA in sculpture at the University of Minnesota. Hirsch’s work has been shown at Portland’s Fontanelle Gallery and the Artistery, the University of Michigan, and Minneapolis’ Pop Saw the Need. She previously exhibited at Nationale in May 2010. This upcoming August, Hirsch will be an artist-in-residence at the Elsewhere Collaborative in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Emma Lipp lives in Brooklyn, New York. She has directed, designed, performed, and produced most recently at Portland’s Lewis and Clark College, Nationale, False Front Gallery, Emerson Space Case, Performance Works NW, and Estonia’s MoKS Center for Art and Social Practice. She currently works at Prune Restaurant in the East Village and is writing for The Diner Journal about her performance as an Estonian housewife.

Matt Marble is working towards his PhD in Music Composition at Princeton University. He lives in Brooklyn, New York.

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