Cappella Romana: Bringing it all back home

Cappella Romana heads for Greece

Congrats to Cappella Romana, which just announced that it received an invitation and funding that will allow a 10-member ensemble to travel  to Greece in September for performances at the annual Sacred Music Festival of Patmos, Greece, and at Paros’s  6th-century Church of 100 Doors.

Inasmuch as the superb Portland-based chorus is the world’s leading performer of music of ancient Byzantium, it’s like a return to the mothership to export its program  “The Byzantine Tradition: From Constantinople to California.” Except, says CR’s Mark Powell, that that music, as well one of the group’s other specialties, the music of modern Greek-American composers, is almost unknown at their wellspring. So it should be a mutually enlightening sojourn.

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