Become a member in 2012 (it’s not too late!)

Of course, 2013 will work just as well...


Dear ArtsWatch Readers! We only have a few hours left in tax year 2012!

Now, you’ve been reminded of that by just about every nonprofit group that has your name on its mailing list, I know. So, what’s my point? It’s simple: Thanks to our friends at the IRS, you can give to Oregon ArtsWatch, too, and take that delightful tax deduction. Yes, our 501(c)(3) application was granted, and everyone who already HAS given (thank you, by the way!) and those of you who have been waiting for just this moment to give can take the applicable  deduction.

Why give? Well, that’s how we keep our growing roster of arts writers in the field and at the keyboard, discovering new and wonderful things and then bringing them back to us to mull over. Without you, there will be less mulling, simply put. We’ve been at this for almost three years—our site up and alive for the past year-and-a-half—and with your help, 2013 will be the best ever.

So, how can you help? The easiest way is simply to become a member by clicking SUBSCRIBE below. You’ll wind up at a PayPal page. Just follow the instructions and join us at whatever amount seems right for you.

Payment suggestions


Or… if those levels cramped your style, you can just push the “donate” button and choose your own amount.


But if you don’t want to bother with the online commerce process (something we understand perfectly well, believe me!), you can just send us a check:

Oregon Arts Watch
2146 NE 14th Ave.
Portland, OR 97212

Then, once you’ve joined up, sign up for our eNewsletter!


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Thank you for considering us! We’ll see you around in 2013…

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