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And Away We Go

By Lisa Radon

July 2, 2011

Just a quick intro to say that this blog gives me the chance to let you know about a lot of things I haven’t quite had the place to write about recently. From what I saw at Appendix on Thursday, to a note that Linda Hutchins’ show at Pulliam is closing, thoughts about and photos of the Lloyd Reynolds’ exhibition at the Cooley Gallery, or upcoming performance art, projects, publications, exhibitions. It’s going to be occasional not in frequency but in the original sense of the word, relating to the occasion, to the moment. Here I’ll be able to note things that aren’t strictly visual arts, but just things I think are worthwhile, interesting, weird, funny. I’m also going to allow myself to dig back and show you documentation of some great stuff you (and I) may have missed. I was just talking to Nathaneal Moss the other day and he was saying that as one of the principle photographers for OpenWide, the excellent photo documentary website covering the Portland arts scene, he regrets that he can’t get to more shows, feels like he misses so many. I absolutely feel the same way. There are a lot of good shows happening, and here’s one more effort to make some record of more of them.
Here’s looking at you.


P.S. I’m also going to be tweeting from @AW_visual if you want to follow THAT bouncing ball.

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